How to Authenticate an Arc’teryx Jacket

Counterfeit goods are an ugly reality within the worlds of online retail and secondhand shopping. By capitalizing on the recognizable imagery of an already established brand, counterfeit goods are able to generate incredibly high profit margins, while often fooling those who purchase into believing they are receiving a bargain price. Arc’teryx highlights that imitation is the highest form of flattery on their website, warning potential customers of the mass produced, illegal counterfeit garments bearing Arc’teryx design elements and logos. 
Nobody wants to end up with a fake, especially when paying extra for a premium, high performance item. The low quality construction and inferior textiles of counterfeits is not only noticeable from an aesthetic perspective, but also demonstrated by an inferior performance of the garment. Plain and simple: ending up with a fake is bad news.
So how can a potential customer ensure that they are receiving a legitimate product? 
Gathered below is a list of information regarding retail and secondhand purchases of Arc’teryx jackets, as well as  4 key indicators of authenticity one should check for when buying second-hand. 
Retail Purchases
When purchasing a brand new jacket, be weary of deep discounts advertised on social media stores. Many fraudulent suppliers create networks of imitation retail sites that sell Arc’teryx discounted anywhere from 60 to 90 percent. These websites will often have poor layout, website navigation, and strange URL addresses. 
A fake Arc’teryx website offering large discounts
If the website has broken English, large paragraphs of common search terms, and mismatched or odd graphics, logos, and images, it is best to steer clear. These websites are inauthentic and will send you counterfeit items. If you have to question the authenticity of the website, it is likely that your assumptions are correct.
Disappointingly, these counterfeit jackets are still purchased regularly by unassuming and uninformed shoppers across the globe. These same jackets usually end up in thrift stores or donation bins after the purchaser eventually gets rid of the jacket. This raises an entirely new issue: savvy thrift resellers will pick up these counterfeit jackets at thrift or consignment stores, believing they are getting a deal, with the intent to resell these jackets for a sizable markup. Some sellers are unaware of the counterfeit goods, while other resellers attempt to capitalize on uninformed buyers through platforms like eBay, Depop, or Grailed.
When purchasing a second-hand jacket, the buyer has only the images provided by the seller to evaluate an item’s authenticity. In order to make an informed second hand purchase, a buyer should look out for 4 key characteristics of an authentic Arc’teryx jacket.



#1 - Logo Embroidery
Fake Arc’Teryx Logo                              Authentic Logo
Fake products will often have low quality embroidery on the front logo. Authentic products will have a very high stitch density that looks clean and professional. Things to look out for are inconsistent spacing, overly thick embroidery, a lack of definition between lines in both the logo/text, and a missing apostrophe in the Arc’teryx name. Stitching will vary only very slightly among authentic jackets, but fake jackets tend to have noticeably inconsistent design. With that said, some fakes can have very professional logo design, meaning that other key elements of the jacket must be examined to determine authenticity.
#2 - Zippers
Authentic jackets will have only YKK or Vislon zippers with tidy integration into the jacket and color-matched sliders. Fake Arc’teryx zippers will often contain large plastic teeth and/or contrast zipper tape, as well as exaggerated pull tabs on the slider. 
#3 - Hangtags
Authentic Arc’Teryx Hang Tags - Top is from newer models, lower from older models.
Fake Arc’Teryx Hang Tag - Note Low Quality Text + Cheap Gridstop
Authentic hang tags will look clean, precise, and tidy. The hang loops on newer jackets are laminated; there should be no loose stitching or threads hanging from the tag. Older models have the branded hang loop with clean looking text and a centered size tag, once again with clean stitching and no hanging threads. 
#4 - Velcro and Cinches
Comparison of velcro on wrist hem; Authentic pictured on the left
The velcro adjustments on Arcteryx jackets will always have a slight taper, and will be constructed without designs or rubberized tabs. The authentic velcro tabs should look slim yet sturdy, with a professional and precise construction.
When purchasing a second hand jacket, make sure to examine these crucial elements of construction and design to ensure that the jacket you are purchasing is authentic. If a seller has only provided one photo or low quality photos, always ask for additional detail photos to make sure the quality and design is consistent with authentic Arc’teryx items. Use caution when purchasing from sites such as Grailed and Depop, which have been host to an alarming amount of fake Arc’teryx items in the past few months. Stay vigilant and pay attention to details to ensure your jacket is authentic.
If you spot a fake, email the instance to
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